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I love this book. Marnie Green has created an approach that is simple, practical, and stress-free. Tackling difficult employee conversations won’t be nearly as difficult now that I’ve read this book.
Kendra Eberhart, CEO, Royal Oaks Lifecare Community

“Marnie Green has done it again with her new book on the often set-aside topic of performance conversations. Her ideas and practical advice will help strengthen any manager or leader seeking to create a more focused and valuable employee, team member and organization. And let’s face it, that’s what we need to be doing every day.”
Neil G. Giuliano
Former Mayor of Tempe, AZ and author of The Campaign Within

“In this field-tested work, you will learn tips, tools, and techniques to help make the entire process of performance conversations a far more pleasant one for all concerned. It’s a highly readable work and a ‘must read’ for all supervisors and managers.”
Edward E. Scannell, CMP, CSP
Co-Author, Games Trainers Play series; McGraw-Hill
Past National President; ASTD, IFTDO, MPI and NSA.

“Marnie Green has a talent for presenting complicated, abstract ideas, in a simple, no-nonsense way that is easy to apply. Her tips for establishing performance expectations and for initiating the toughest conversations take the pain out of these critical tasks.”
Kevin Klimas
President and Founder, Clarifacts Inc.

This book should be required reading for all managers. Those who follow the painless approach will have high performing employees and enhanced organizational performance.
Neil E. Reichenberg, Executive Director, International Public Management Association for Human Resources

“Painless Performance Conversations is a painless read. It actually was just plain fun! It will inspire you and others to try new techniques for working with your most valued resource – your people. Painless Performance Conversations is a winner!”
Karen Thoreson
President, Alliance for Innovation

“This book reflects Green’s can-do attitude and offers step-by-step methods to which many will turn repeatedly as they meet the challenges of supervising others.”
Christine Kajikawa Wilkinson
Senior Vice President and Secretary of the University and President of the Alumni Association
Arizona State University

“In her latest book, Marnie Green walks you through the steps to becoming your own expert on conducting performance conversations. Her practical counsel, exceptional writing style, and insight from years of coaching leaders make this a ‘must read’ book.”

Richard S Deems, PhD.
President, WorkLife Design
Co-author of Leading In Tough Times, on Microsoft’s and Eaton’s Recommended Reading Lists;
Author of Interviewing: More Than A Gut Feeling.

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