Performance Evaluation is a method used to measure the performance of a company’s employees. This assessment tool helps to measure and optimize the results of the organization and employees.
Do you know about the benefits and details of what performance evaluation is? This is a tool that goes beyond the analysis of individual and collective performance of employees, behaviors, respect for standards, alignment with business objectives.

Through it, it is possible to give feedback on results, evaluate the level of effectiveness at work, identify talents , ascertain the productivity of employees, among other negative and positive points that will contribute to the development of measures and training programs to eliminate problems identified and guarantee the institution’s expansion.¬†Several methods can be used to perform the performance evaluation and if you want to know the main ones, read this text!

What is performance appraisal?

Performance evaluation is a tool used by HR , more specifically by the people management area, to measure the performance of employees or areas of a company. It can be carried out periodically according to the needs of the organization.This methodology also helps to understand if the employee is below, meets or exceeds the performance expected by the organization and, based on an analysis of hard skills and soft skills , that is, of technical and behavioral skills, it is possible to draw up a strategic according to the needs of that employee or team, such as training, promotion, bonus, termination, etc.


In addition, the performance evaluation helps in a strategic vision for the company, as it highlights strengths and points of improvement, both with regard to each employee and with regard to each team. This way, it is easier to see ways to improve processes and bring more results.

What are the 9 types of performance evaluation?

Image about the main types of performance evaluationThe tool is intended to appreciate the individual and collective performance of employees,  behaviors, respect for standards, alignment with business objectives, the added value of the professional, the achievement of goals, etc.

The aim is to reduce the distance between expected and existing performance. Reports are the starting point for changes , such as training, replacing leaders and policies to strengthen organizational culture .

Therefore, there is no single way to use, nor to take advantage of, measurements. It is important to use the different types of performance evaluation questionnaires and apply the ones that prove to be most apt at each moment. Below, you can learn more about the different ways to evaluate.

1. Matrix 9 Box

Commonly called the Nine Box, this performance and potential tool has been one of the most used by companies to develop successions and better plan the changes that occurred in the workforce.

It is essential to promote better people management when your business needs to hire a new professional, replace someone who has been promoted or identify and train new leaders. Thus, the Matrix 9 Box helps to evaluate the company’s talents, analyzing its performance during its trajectory and discovering its potential for the future.

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